Why I’m A College Grad And Don’t Plan On Giving Up Bartending Any Time Soon

why i'm a college grad and don't plan on giving up bartending any time soon

I started out my life following the traditional route of things. I went to school and then straight into college after graduating high school. I worked throughout college, doing odd jobs in merchandise, health care, and the restaurant business. All to get that magical piece of paper that’s supposed to make me look good and, eventually, get me that sought after job.
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Reasons Why Every Twenty Something Should Own A Dog

What kid hasn’t ever wanted a dog? Like seriously, does such a child even exist? So even though we attempt to adult, and the world is always leading us in that direction, deep down, we truly just want to go back to our carefree childhood days.
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60 Simple Things Every 20 Something Should Own

60 simple things every twenty something should own

Over these last couple of years of living in my twenties I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve found useful, stuff that I bought and never used, and items that I’ve discovered I’ve needed only at the time when it would’ve been desperately useful.
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Which TV Show Am I Obsessing Over?!

tv show im obsessing over

So I’ve never watched this show before this season, and now that I’ve started, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on!
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