Why I’m A College Grad And Don’t Plan On Giving Up Bartending Any Time Soon

why i'm a college grad and don't plan on giving up bartending any time soon

I started out my life following the traditional route of things. I went to school and then straight into college after graduating high school. I worked throughout college, doing odd jobs in merchandise, health care, and the restaurant business. All to get that magical piece of paper that’s supposed to make me look good and, eventually, get me that sought after job.
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Why Every Girl Should Marry A Rich Man

marry a rich man
We are an extremely progressive and driven generation. We’ve learned to only accept what we deserve and, not to be conceited, but we all deserve the best!
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I Was Raised In A World That Taught Me That I Was Better Than Everyone Else

i was raised to believe i was better than everyone else
I was raised by a family who taught me that I was better than other people. My mom frowned upon me hanging out with “dorks” or “losers”. My small town looked at people in the community who lived on a lower budget or struggled in school to be failures or “hopeless cases”. I was taught that it was important to be on the “in-crowd” and to be one of the popular kids.
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Not Everything in Life is a Competition

not everything in life is a competition
When we’re young, our parents and coaches tell us that “winning isn’t everything” and “it’s just a game”, but as we get older we soon find out that competition can be brutal and winning actually means a lot more to people than you were once taught.
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How Finding the Beauty of Being Alone Isn’t Lonely At All

how finding the beautyb of being alone isn't lonely
I’ve grown up with the mentality that in order to have fun you need to be the one showing up with a friend or a wild group of people. Not only that, but I limited myself to thinking that I couldn’t do most things unless I was with at least one other person.
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