10 Things You Need To Pay ON YOUR OWN In Order To Be An Independent Adult

10 things to pay for on your own to become an independent adult

Need help adulting? When I moved out from my parents’ house and decided to trek it on my own, I had an insurmountable number of bills I needed to pay in order to completely transition myself from relying on them, and into an independent adult. Life had slapped me in the face and given me a wake-up call and I was lucky that I had money in my bank account to come out of it alive.
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Why I’m A College Grad And Don’t Plan On Giving Up Bartending Any Time Soon

why i'm a college grad and don't plan on giving up bartending any time soon

I started out my life following the traditional route of things. I went to school and then straight into college after graduating high school. I worked throughout college, doing odd jobs in merchandise, health care, and the restaurant business. All to get that magical piece of paper that’s supposed to make me look good and, eventually, get me that sought after job.
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Tips For Applying To Jobs In Your Twenties

Tips for applying for jobs in your twenties
Whether you’re looking for a job to pay the bills or going for your future dream career, applying for jobs in your twenties can be a seriously calculating and taxing experience. Lucky for us, we’re young, we’re hard workers, and we’re millennials for goodness sake! We’re technologically savvy and we’re ready to make some money! From getting a job to pay your way through college, to trying for that entry level job after graduation, the interviewing process is a huge nerve racker. However, before you even get called for that painstaking interview, you need to know exactly how to apply to the right job.
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60 Simple Things Every 20 Something Should Own

60 simple things every twenty something should own

Over these last couple of years of living in my twenties I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve found useful, stuff that I bought and never used, and items that I’ve discovered I’ve needed only at the time when it would’ve been desperately useful.
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My Top Apps To Stay Fit (Without Breaking The Bank On A Gym Membership)

My favorite fitness apps

Before I start this article let me get something straight, I love going to the gym! When I was in college, gym memberships came free with my apartment complexes and the university itself. However, after I finished college I soon realized that this luxury does not come with most other apartments or places. So being my stubborn self, living on my 20-something budget, I decided to go without a gym membership and try to stay healthy and in-shape the free, iPhone friendly way.

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What I’ve Learned From Living On My Own In My 20’s

what i've learned living on my own in my 20's

So you’ve finally gone out on your own and into the real world, HURRAY! No parents, no curfew, and a breath of freedom in your lungs. While it can be somewhat daunting at first, we all have to go out on a limb and make it on our own at some point.
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Cheap Date Night Ideas

cheap date ideas

Chivalry is not dead! It’s always nice to have a guy pay for you because it shows that he’s financially stable and wants to invest his time (and money) into you. However, we are millennials, therefore we can handle our own. We are independent women who work hard for our money and aren’t afraid to pick up a tab every once in a while.

So for the benefit of yourself and your fellow SO or date, I’ve compiled a list of a few date nights that don’t break the bank, because let’s be honest, we can’t all afford to go out to a five start restaurant every night for dinner, no matter how classy we are.
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