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  • My name’s Chelsea and I’m 24 years old
  • I was born in South Korea and raised in Michigan
  • I play an acoustic guitar and ride a longboard with hot pink wheels (never at the same time ?)
  • I own a clumsy, Saint Bernard puppy named Mila


Me and my Saint Bernard

  • Sunflowers are my favorite, because even in the darkest of times, they stand tall and look towards the light
  • When given the choice, I would choose sour candy over chocolate every time
  • I attended college for biopsychology; the mind works in mysterious ways
  • I love the boho chic fashion
  • Some of the odd jobs I’ve had in the past include camp counselor, floor model, mental health advocate, and bartender
  • My favorite movie genre would have to be horror/suspense (I own all the Paranormal Activities)
  • I’m an avid people watcher & craft beer drinker
  • I’m a strong believer in coffee. It’s the fuel that keeps me goin!

Coffee selfie
Rise & grind my friends!