10 Things You Need To Pay ON YOUR OWN In Order To Be An Independent Adult

10 things to pay for on your own to become an independent adult

Need help adulting? When I moved out from my parents’ house and decided to trek it on my own, I had an insurmountable number of bills I needed to pay in order to completely transition myself from relying on them, and into an independent adult. Life had slapped me in the face and given me a wake-up call and I was lucky that I had money in my bank account to come out of it alive.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to transition quite as rapidly as I did (all at once and without looking back), but at some point in your life you’re not going to want to be having to rely on your parents to pay for your life. The more responsible you become, through budgeting your money efficiently and paying for your cost of living, the more freedom you will truly have from the watchful eye of your parents.

Nobody said adulting was easy, and nobody set a real age for when we actually have to be an official “adult”, but unfortunately, we all will need to get there some day. So here are some bills you will need to brace yourself for when you finally do reach that functioning & independent “adult” phase in your life.


  1. Cellphone
    You can stay on the family plan and pay your mom/dad, or whoever’s in charge of the account, but that’s kind of taking the back roads to fully adulting. If you want to be truly independent you’re going to have to get your own cellphone plan. That way, making the payments on time and affordable are all on you.
  2. Rent
    Of course, you can’t live with your parents forever…I mean, who would really want to? As a fully functioning adult, one of the very first steps is getting that place of your own, and paying for it.
  3. Electric
    And with that new “home sweet home” comes a couple more bills needing to be paid, like electric. Come on, you didn’t think light and AC paid for themselves…did you?
  4. Car Insurance
    Done are the days where you got to borrow your parent’s nice, new SUV. Get a car of your own to feel proud of! And with said car comes more responsibilities, like making it legal by insuring it and keeping up with those monthly payments.
  5. And Registration
    Oh ya! Cars need registration too. Those cute little stickers you have to put on your license plate, ya, those aren’t free ya know. Just another perk to driving legally and responsibly.
  6. Gas
    Growing up, my friend’s parents gave her a credit card that’s sole purpose was to pay for gas for her car. She never had to pay for her own gas (hence the reason why we always took her car wherever we went). Gas is probably one of the most annoying things to have to pay for as an adult because you’re constantly having to do it, and at the worst times it seems.
  7. Groceries
    This one’s a huge bummer, and you don’t really realize it until you’re finally out living on your own. Food can be expensive! You can’t just go out and get some Taco Bell every breakfast, lunch, and dinner (because that’s not very adult-like), so you go out and buy some groceries, just to run out the next week and have to go back for more. Time consuming I know, but unfortunately, we humans must eat.
  8. Cable/Internet (/Netflix)
    Throughout college, my internet and cable were always just included. I mean, every college kid needs their wi-fi. But post-grad and finding an apartment, no cable/internet provided (or free gym membership, bummer). So start researching and don’t be too cheap. The cheap internet will always just end up costing you countless of hours waiting for the internet to load.
  9. Health insurance
    Another necessity to becoming a legal Health insurance is a must, which you will find out at tax season. Unless you’re super accident prone, it’s not important to go all out on your health insurance. People just need to know that you have it.
  10. Taxes
    So, this really isn’t something you technically have to pay for. But you have to be able to do your taxes, or pay someone to do them for you, without mommy and daddy staring over your shoulder (unless your mom/dad is an accountant or something). Keep your shit together and organized so you’re not scrambling during tax season. It’s stressful enough without having to look everywhere for your W-2.


I know, grueling stuff, but unfortunately life costs money. If you want to be responsible and truly possess that freedom from your parents that you need in order to be a functioning, independent adult, paying your own way through life is a good way to start.

If you’re twenty-something and are already paying for all this stuff on your own, CONGRATULATIONS! You are doing great in life and deserve a pat on the back for that one. You are a real life adult! And if you’re not quite there yet, NOT A PROBLEM! You’ll get there! I have faith in you!


Keep on adulting & thanks for reading!


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