Why I’m A College Grad And Don’t Plan On Giving Up Bartending Any Time Soon

why i'm a college grad and don't plan on giving up bartending any time soon

I started out my life following the traditional route of things. I went to school and then straight into college after graduating high school. I worked throughout college, doing odd jobs in merchandise, health care, and the restaurant business. All to get that magical piece of paper that’s supposed to make me look good and, eventually, get me that sought after job.

So why am I not satisfied with ditching my bartending job all together and just sticking with that 9-5 job that I went and got my degree for? Although the money may fluctuate during the off seasons, bartending is where I make a large chunk of my income.


We live in a society where people love to drink, alcohol is king, and a little bit of liquid courage is exactly what everyone needs after a rough week of work/class. What you make, depends on how you perform. If you’re having an off night, then just sit back and relax and expect to walk out with some decent money. But if you just spent a bunch of money on shopping and had that instant moment of, “I should not have bought that $200 purse”, then get haulin’ at work and make the big bucks! Working on a Friday or Saturday night, I can easily walk out with anywhere from $200 – $500. That’s instant cash in my pocket every time I walk out the door. Of course, there is that awkward moment at the bank when you’re depositing your hefty stack of mostly fives and ones, and the teller gives you that look like, “omg, she must be a stripper”.

pouring shots

It’s also a breath of fresh air. It gets you out in that fun bar/club scene, all the while making money while you’re doing it. Bartending a couple nights a week gives me the security I need (money wise) when I’m in that rough transitional phase of going for a job that I want to pursue, even though I may be having to start out at the bottom of the pay grade.

Now, I’m not saying to ditch your education all together and never use that expensive, time consuming, degree that you got. By all means, if you landed a job after graduation that you’re satisfied with, then all the power to you! Seriously, a well-paid, entry level job is nothing to scoff at.

mimosa bar

Of course, I don’t plan on bartending forever, and I plan on phasing out of it over these next few years, but bartending is something that can always come in handy. You can find bartending positions everywhere, and it’s not a bad way to work your way through those tough income times.

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