I Was Raised In A World That Taught Me That I Was Better Than Everyone Else

i was raised to believe i was better than everyone else
I was raised by a family who taught me that I was better than other people. My mom frowned upon me hanging out with “dorks” or “losers”. My small town looked at people in the community who lived on a lower budget or struggled in school to be failures or “hopeless cases”. I was taught that it was important to be on the “in-crowd” and to be one of the popular kids.

Looking back now, I realize that these may not have been the messages that people were trying to impose upon me, but as a child, that’s how they were perceived.

Like children, society can be easily impressionable.

Certain people are better than others. Money and wealth matter. Looks can get you far in life. Although it’s never said as bluntly, society is slowly beginning to believe, and make these statements the truth. By exposing people to shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and advertising dieting plans on almost every magazine you see, we are unintentionally teaching society that looks matter and that prettier people tend to have an easier time succeeding in life. These days, money can buy you just about anything, and is closely linked to power. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! Now I know you can look at that last statement and argue that there are people out there that have murdered people and done unspeakable things. However, I strongly believe that there aren’t bad people out there, just people that make bad choices. Don’t let scars of your past blur your focus of the here and now.

I’m thankful that I grew up to look past the subtle messages of society. I don’t judge others by where they come from or the struggles they may have had. I think everybody deserves a chance to be viewed in the way that they want the world to see them.

My parents aren’t bad people, and neither are the people that lived in the community I grew up in. We can’t blame others for their views or narrow-mindedness, it didn’t start with them or with a single individual. However, we can change the views of the upcoming generation, simply by starting with ourselves.

I don’t think they’re realized, these messages of society that have become somehow skewed over the years. But by simply bringing them to our attention we are changing our outlook on that perspective, because we know what’s right, we just didn’t realize we were so outwardly approving of the opposite.

My solution for this is one that I try to live by every day. Always remember your morals and try to outwardly live by them! DON’T FALL INTO A PATTERN OF SUBMISSIVENESS!

I have faith in humanity!

Change your outlook on life and live in a way that’s impressionable onto others.

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