Not Everything in Life is a Competition

not everything in life is a competition
When we’re young, our parents and coaches tell us that “winning isn’t everything” and “it’s just a game”, but as we get older we soon find out that competition can be brutal and winning actually means a lot more to people than you were once taught.

Not only is winning important, but losing is almost intolerable.

We live in a world where everything is made out to be a competition, whether it’s said or unspoken. School, work, even most hobbies can be made a competition. However, it’s not just society making things competitive, IT’S US DOING IT TO OURSELVES! In our heads we are constantly competing with others on every scale of activity, whether we realize it or not.

Growing up, I’ve always competed with others; whether it be my classmates, my cousins, or random people that seem to be doing the same activity as I was. Throughout my younger years I felt like I was constantly being compared to my somewhat “perfect” cousin. During my years in school and even after graduation I was constantly comparing myself and my achievements to my classmates; whether it be getting into a good college, getting a job, or what degree we were graduating with.

So why this competitiveness among our peers in everything that we do? Why can’t we just be happy for one another and acknowledge each other’s accomplishments rather than making ourselves feel pressured to be better than them?

A former classmate graduated a year early? Congratulations to them because we all know they had to cram in a ton of hours of classes into a shorter amount of time in order to do it. So someone took a couple extra years to get their diploma? SO WHAT! Congratulations to them for getting the diploma and persevering on! We should be happy when others succeed and not diminish their accomplishments in order to somehow promote our own well-being. What are we all competing for anyways? What’s the grand prize in the end?


Let this sink in, because once you’ve absorbed the truth in this simple statement and stopped comparing yourself to everyone else you can find the joy in the things you do. Let your achievements be yours, let your decisions be made for yourself, and let everything you do be of your own choice, and simply because that is what you want.

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